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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Back Again

One of the best things about coming home from a long vacation has got to be the prospect of sleeping in my own bed. I'm also looking forward to sleeping under an actual top sheet, which was lacking in any of the Chinese hotel rooms we stayed in. There was only the fitted sheet, then a comforter, which was inevitably white. My own bed is sounding more and more appealing, especially since we've been up for about 22 hours, and we're trying to stay awake in order to get to bed at a pseudo-normal time and reset our internal clocks. So I'm currently a bit loopy.

In addition, I look forward to stopping feeling like I'm on a bouncing, turbulent airplane. I didn't get sick or anything, unlike Rob's poor mother, but I keep getting this uncomfortable sensation of bobbing up and down. There was a good twenty minutes of severe turbulence at one point, plus occasional short disturbances during the rest of the flight. Not as bad as our flight to Japan in 2000 (or was it 2001?) but probably second worst ever. Blech.

More interesting details to come, later or perhaps tomorrow.


Seren said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to hear more about the trip!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home! Glad you're back safe, sound, and well. Now get with the details! :o)

Chris Cope said...

I love the fun of jetlag. Enjoy.

tanita✿davis said...

Welcome home! Can't wait to see the slideshow and all!