aqua fortis

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

TV Time

I was just watching Comedy Central's new show The Colbert Report (I love Stephen Colbert--he is on my list of celebrity mini-crushes) and his interview subject was Fareed Zakaria, who had the best comeback of the show. I now also love Fareed Zakaria.


Seren said...

Did you see the gravitas face-off with Stone Phillips on the first episode? I wept with the laughter. And the second episode where he responded to viewers' comments that his right ear sticks out further than his left ear? I was a bit concerned about the idea of the show -- but I have to say the execution has been priceless. Long live Colbert!

a. fortis said...

Yes! Yes, I did. I loved that. Stone Phillips had a good sense of humor. In contrast, last week there was some author on there who had written a book about relationship breakups or something, and he apparently had no idea he was on a comedy news show. Stephen Colbert kept saying these outrageously silly things, and the poor guy had no idea what to do about it. HA!!