aqua fortis

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Re: below--if you see my dad, don't tell him I told you. Only the immediate family, plus my mom, know about the existence of the sister. And now a handful of other random people. Obviously the blog is not in his sphere of awareness (which is good for many reasons I won't go into here). Anyway, no new updates yet.

Last night I went to Modesto's Monthly Poetry Slam. Yes, Modesto has a poetry slam, held at our friends Kathleen and Jack's theater, and surprisingly, there were about 75-100 people there. Who knew? People of all shapes and sizes and ages and colors. Anyway, I'm not really a poetry slam person, but it was interesting. I might attend once in a while. Maybe. I doubt I'll ever compete. I can tell you this--I should never, ever be a judge. I would be mean.


TadMack said...


I can see being mean. I'm not a poetry person, maybe because what I wrote in junior high still haunts me, even today... I can identify bad poetry, though. Really easily.

Well. Just pounded down two boxes of Mentos (sugar free - UGH! Not that they taste any different, but I just ate two boxes of mentos. Ugh.) and most of my fingernails, but THE REVISION IS FINISHED!!!

And now I will find a receptacle that flushes for the Mentos...

MeiMeiLn said...

I, too, can see how easy it would be to be mean at a poetry slam. :)
Mum's the word about your sister. Keep us posted!

Congrats on the revision finish, Tadmack! Downing Mentos? Whoa. :)