aqua fortis

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sportin' a 'Do

So I'm driving to work this morning and I see a guy in a do-rag walking along the sidewalk. At first it looks like your normal do-rag in basic black, but as I cruise past and get a closer glimpse, I'm almost positive that what I'm seeing seems, in fact, to be an elastic do-rag.

An elastic do-rag. This bothers me. It reminds me of those pre-made Saran Wrap container covers with the stretch-to-fit edges. Or a shower cap. I mean, isn't the whole point of the do-rag (besides, possibly, hiding a bad hair day) to make you look cooler via your expert ability to tie a scarf-like object around your head in a particularly tight and tidy fashion? If you're not even really tying it on there, what's the point? It's like the headwear equivalent of a clip-on tie.


Chloe said...

When Beth and Mark showed up at our Fourth of July barbeque with do-rags (courtesy of the bowling alley vending machine, I immediately thought of this post! :D At least that guy's do-rag wasn't made of some bizarre paper-towel-like material. Or maybe it was!

Michael said...

What is the true purpose of the do-rag anyway? Isn't it sort of like the one, which Aunt Jemima wore? That doesn't seem like progress!
Well everyone in LA wears one - it must be very trendy.