aqua fortis

Friday, May 20, 2005

Not at Work! Yay!

I actually gave myself the task of researching upcoming writing contest deadlines while sitting here at the computer, but obviously I'm utilizing my skills of procrastination instead. But perhaps I might combine the two and pretend I'm not time-wasting...?

All right. So far, on my spreadsheet tab for Q2 of 2005, I have the upcoming deadlines of Tin House, which already rejected me once a couple of years ago, and the Gettysburg Review, which is currently refusing my internet connection (though that's not as bad as refusing a short story).

I could try the Bridport Prize again, but they rejected my best story last year, so I'm undecided as to whether I ought to send something I'm less confident about just so I can send them something different.

There's Glimmer Train Press, but I think I've been rejected by them no fewer than three times. That tends to discourage a person.

Indiana Review, who I believe I have also unsuccessfully submitted to in the past--let me check--yes, this is true--is having a 500-words-or-less short story contest, but I only have a couple of short-short pieces and they're not what I'd call all that exciting.

There are several awards for unpublished short story collections or collection-length manuscripts, but that would entail me writing about a hundred or so pages worth of new short stories in the next month. That is unlikely.

There's also New Millenium Writings and Red Hen Press, both of which I've considered submitting work to in the past but haven't. Those seem like possibilities.

In other writing news, I haven't heard anything from the literary agent yet about my young adult novel. I'm going to send a friendly reminder letter, though. And I have had a one-sentence review of Shin Yu's poetry book Equivalence accepted to the, uh, One Sentence Review. This is a brand-new lit mag, and I don't even know yet if it's online or print, but it's one teeny-tiny bright spot amidst the rejection.