aqua fortis

Monday, May 09, 2005

B-Movie Madness

I've pretty much just been working my butt off lately, hence the lack of posting. Oh, there is some news. Our Geeks Gone Wild crew is starting a new campaign in the Eberron world setting, which will mean nothing to non-gamers and pretty much meant nothing to me until last week. I'll have more on that later. And we got to visit our baby nephew yesterday, who farted big-time while Rob was holding him.

But basically I've been working--at my temp job by day, and at my freelance research job by...well, whenever I can fit it in. Plus I've applied to a couple more random freelance gigs after gleefully finding out that there are now Craigslist websites for both Modesto and Stockton. Not that there's much listed yet, but hey, somebody must have caught my intensely irritated vibes about there being Craigslists for Sacramento, the Bay Area, and Fresno but nothing in between.

Anyway. I have a bit of amusement for you as well today. My Ben has scoured the Internet Wayback Machine and put all of his hilarious B-movie reviews on his website. He used to write a column for IGN Sci-Fi called Movies So Bad You Wouldn't Want to Watch them Sober, which frequently made me laugh my ass off. Just take this small excerpt from his review of Yor, Hunter from the Future:

Imagine if Star Wars and Jurassic Park had a child and you'd have Yor: Hunter from the Future. Wait, that's not quite accurate. Imagine if Star Wars and Jurassic Park were brother and sister, smoked lots of crack, and the resulting monstrously inbred mutant offspring resembled its parents only in the way that all three possess the fundamental properties of mass and volume. THEN you'd have Yor: Hunter from the Future.

For more hilarity, visit the main reviews page.