aqua fortis

Saturday, December 11, 2004

The Blog Is Back

A bit of a hiatus--very disappointing. During said hiatus the following occurred:

  1. I finished my temp job. Yay!
  2. I applied for a freelance writer position--possibly doing advertorials, after reading between the lines of the ad--at the Modesto Bee.
  3. I wrote a separate letter to prod the Modesto Bee Features Editor about the column proposal I sent her in October.
  4. I received a two-line rejection e-mail from Family Circle for a humor piece I wrote. The rejection was terse at best. Not even a salutation or a closing. Not even "Dear Writer." D'oh.
  5. I considered the idea of creating a third blog, a sort of haiku diary of my life. Unfortunately, both the blog names that I thought of were taken: Haiku Diary (the obvious one) and ADHD (Aquafortis' Daily Haiku Diary). So I'm a little at a loss as to what I should name the thing, or whether I should simply incorporate it into this existing blog. Any suggestions appreciated.
  6. Along with Rob and his dad, I participated in the Christmas Tree 5K Run put on by Modesto's ShadowChase Running Club. Much to my surprise, I received a 3rd place medal for women in my 10-year age bracket. On the other hand, I was 3rd out of 3. Not so impressive sounding, although I did beat one guy in my age bracket. According to the race pace calculator, I ran around an 11-min, 20-sec mile (I finished 5K in 35:15). I'm pretty happy, since I kept up a steady pace the entire time. Plus, Rob got 3rd place out of 4 in his age bracket, and Rob's dad won his age bracket--no competitors for him, for some reason, but he still beat the two of us by at least 8 minutes. Rob ran with me, like a nice husband.