aqua fortis

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Blog Hell

Why have I posted nothing new other than the thing about my FINISHED NOVEL (see below)? I'm busy trying to figure out how on earth to put a miniblog in the sidebar of this blog. Blogger's help page on the subject really doesn't answer my question about how to do this with two blogspot-hosted blogs, and when I e-mailed for further assistance, they claimed that everything I needed to know was on that page. Obviously this is not true, and I am now very frustrated. I need something like "multiblogging for semi-idiots." Grr. I think I'll post something on the Blogger Forum and see what happens.


writegrrrl said...

hooray for finished novels!!! Happy New Year to you and to you soon in 2005, hopefully .....P.S. Blogger's help page is notoriously sucky...

a. fortis said...

Yay! Thanks!
I'm getting no love on the multiblog front, so I'm thinking of giving it up until I can afford blogging software. Doh!