aqua fortis

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Blog Roundup

The fact that I would call anything a "roundup" is a dead giveaway that I've worked in internet journalism, I think. It's probably one of those phrases I need to ditch from my vocabulary, like "shoot me an e-mail" and "FYI." Nonetheless, I have in fact "rounded up" several of my compadres' blogs, and here are some of their recent postings:

On I asked for a car, I got a computer, Corey has posted musings on flags, bikes, and Anti-Monkeybutt Powder. The latter is a must-see.

On Makura no Soshi, Shin Yu has included her take on the Questionnaire of Marcel Proust, various literary happenings, and a new review of her poetry book, Equivalence.

memepool, my old Weird Wild Web standby, has a Friday 6/11 post on Chiff and Fipple's Tinwhistle Internet Experience (more interesting to me than you'd think, since I own an approximately twenty-year-old tinwhistle of--according to this website--dubious quality), and a Wed. 6/9 post of cool Fluxus websites.

On writegrrrl, Rachel has a Friday Top Five and a blurb about the Fametracker website--which looked eerily, disturbingly familiar until I did some surfing around and realized it had been an affiliate website of former site (and sister IGN site), the now-defunct, meaning I had very likely included it in e-mail newsletters and such. Work flashback! AAARGH!

And lastly, to toot my own horn, I've started a blog in Welsh, called Castell Tywod, meaning Sand Castle. I'll be practicing my Welsh by posting several times a week, hopefully.