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Saturday, June 09, 2012

48-Hour Book Challenge: A Quick Update

Let me admit this now:  I'm pretty sure I'm going to fail miserably at my attempt to reach 12 hours of reading time. This has been quite a weekend for random emergencies and rearrangements of my time. It seems like my life has been like this for the past year and a half, approximately. Unless I physically leave the region, it's not actually possible for me to take a lot of time out for myself. And no! Amazingly, I have no kids! If I did, I'd probably be lying under the coffee table groaning miserably like Tina in Bob's Burgers.

Anyway, I thought I'd still post an update on my reading today. As of now, I've managed 1 hour and 40 minutes reading One Book Many Brisbanes 6, a collection of short stories related to Brisbane, Australia. I can't find an online picture of the cover for you, as it seems to be a limited-edition publication by the Brisbane City Council and the link to the official page for the series seems to be broken.

My older half-sister, who lives in Brisbane, sent me this book for Christmas, and I've been meaning to read it but it was languishing in my TBR pile. So far I'm enjoying the variety of stories, including a few with young/YA characters and even one about zombies. There's only been one so far (I'm about half done) that I'd characterize as being too "regional fiction" for my taste, perhaps a bit too nostalgic and quiet. I liked that speculative fiction is represented, not just with the zombie story but even a dystopian piece. And I do enjoy literary short stories, albeit not all the time.

My running total is now 5 hours and 40 minutes. I'm hoping to fit in at least another hour before going to sleep tonight and, if I don't sleep in, another hour in the morning. My 48-hour period ends at about 10:10 a.m.


Melissa Wiley said...

Cheers to you for persevering despite life interruptions! It always DOES seem to crowd in just when we most want to curl up with a book, doesn't it?

aquafortis said...

It's a terribly vicious cycle, too...the more life intervenes, the more I just want to curl up in bed with a book!