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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Son of Figure Drawing: Escape from Monster Island

Just kidding. No monster island. But I am happy to report that the first ever figure drawing session held in our home art studio was a success. It's a closed session--just five of us total for this first one (not counting the model), and honestly, that's as many as can comfortably fit in the room along with enough tables and easels and chairs for everyone. Anyway, Rob's idea behind the private sessions was to have more control over poses and timing than is usually available with the sessions that are open to the public in our area.

It ultimately costs the same amount per person, but it's much more comfortable for us, and also affords us the chance to focus on whatever type of drawing we want to do that day as opposed to what's set by the organizers of the open session. We've been hoping to set this up for a while, so it was satisfying to actually set a twice-monthly schedule and hold the first session. Next time, we iron out the kinks and really get down to business. Honestly, though, I can't complain much because I got two good drawings out of it. It took me about half of the three-hour period to get warmed up, but once I did, the results were pretty fair. I'm looking forward to producing some useful sketches in the near future, and maybe even a few finished pieces. I've been wanting to put my artmaking time on more of a regular schedule; this should really help.


a. fortis said...

P.S. the first drawing is conté pencil on paper, and the second is charcoal on paper.

tanita davis said...

I think it's neat that you guys are finally using the studio for what you wanted!! All that work and noise and dust -- well worth it at last.

david elzey said...

i really love the charcoal drawing. there's real weight on that down elbow and lines on the back are just right.

a. fortis said...

Thanks! The charcoal drawing is very loose (both of these were 20-minute drawings, so it was just enough time to get an overall sense of things) but it works.

It's been great to get out there and use the studio--Rob's been getting more out of it recently than I have, because of his sabbatical, and I've been a bit jealous. :)