aqua fortis

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Write, Write, Write

It's been a surprisingly productive writing month for me. I got a short-notice writing assignment for the Mills Quarterly, which turned out quite well considering the brief time frame (I had about 2 weeks to do it, which included going after some quotes from multiple parties).

Then, on Monday afternoon I finished the first draft of YA novel #4. I was hoping to finish it a little sooner, but really, the important thing is that I finished it before the end of the month--for next month is National Novel Writing Month, and I plan to use it to get novel #5 underway. This time I'm thinking about a dystopian piece, with a slightly older teen narrator--18 or so. I want to do a story with a male narrator, but I'm also considering two narrators that switch back and forth. I don't know yet. I'm also not sure what the circumstances of the dystopian setting will be--climate change, radical governmental shift, alteration of social structure as we know it, etc. I'm not sure how far in the future this will take place, nor am I certain even of the ultimate point of the story (other than the obvious cautionary aspects of any dystopian fantasy). But I'm pondering...