aqua fortis

Monday, August 25, 2008

It's About Time, Eh?

Yep, I finally put up some new blog graphics. I don't quite want to say I "redesigned" the blog, since all I did was replace the preset template graphics with my own (taken from a segment of a painting I did a while ago, which I then fiddled with in Photoshop). But it has a new look, put it that way. Not new enough to have to change all the text colors--I didn't have THAT much time on my hands.

Wanna know why I didn't have that time? Because I signed up for Twitter. Hooray for yet another goofy time-wasting activity! Hooray for yet more bombardment of the interwebs with my daily trivialities! MY MANY YAWN-INDUCING MINUTIAE WILL BE THE DOWNFALL OF SOCIETY! BWAHAHAHAHA!!! PREPARE TO BE BORED! RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.

By the way, if you want to read any of the yawn-inducing minutiae, I put a widget in the sidebar. Why am I so unproductive today? One reason is I'm unmotivated and bummed because I lost a design client a few days ago--evidently it just wasn't working out and I wasn't giving Client X what they wanted, though I was a) doing exactly what they asked for and b) doing it for a much lower price than I normally charge. Oh well. So I decided I should spend time on non-work-related activity, though I did put up a few book reviews, which I guess is technically work-related.

Oh. I'm also bummed because I gained five pounds for no apparent reason, and they haven't gone away yet. I'm hoping it's five pounds of muscle, but in case it's not, I'm going to go hop on the exercise bike now. Okay. Now I'm considering worst-case scenarios and hoping I don't have a five-pound tapeworm.


Chris Cope said...

Nah, it's probably a five-pound cancer tumour.

TadMack said...


Um. No. You'd be a lot THINNER in that case, as it would be eating all your food and then your guts.

You must real Neil's Twitters. Seriously -- they're of the weep-with-laughter variety. I don't even think he's deliberately funny; it's just an insane Irish gene.

DaviMack said...

Somebody should explain to Chris that humor is supposed to be funny.

Have you taken Advil in the past few days? Taking ibuprofen will cause you to retain up to 5 pounds, for about 1 week. Yeah - go figure.

a. fortis said...

Okay, my current theory is five-pound watermelon. Turns out my dad was right about swallowing watermelon seeds.

No recent Advil that I can remember. I take it rarely. Usually I go for plain old aspirin unless I can't find the bottle of aspirin.

DaviMack said...

I still just can't get over joking about cancer.

The tapeworm would get into your brains, as well (thank you, Discovery Channel), and into other organs, causing you to lose hair from nutrient deficiencies if nothing else.

I think you'd be really really sad if it were 5 pounds of watermelon seeds ... that's some mighty pluggage.