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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Websites, Booze, and Strange Conversations

I cannot seem to find time to post. It's terrible. I did update the image gallery on my website with three new design samples, one new painting (well, not new, but new to the website), and one new illustration. Yay! If I say so myself, the last two posters I designed ROCK BIG-TIME. At least, I was pleased with myself.

I will be back with a real post. I'm starting to see the light at the end of the non-blogging tunnel. Really.

Here's a short conversation for you in the meantime. Please note that my blood was rapidly being replaced by vodka gimlets at the time.

Scene: A very loud dance club/bar in Modesto of the 21-and-over variety that's really more like 30-and-over.

Me (to man of indeterminate ethnicity dancing with my friend): Excuse me, if you don't mind me asking, what's your ethnicity?

Man: I'm Persian.

Me: Ah, I see. I only ask because I'm half-Pakistani myself. I thought you looked, maybe...

Some half-coherent shouted conversation ensues about the state of our respective countries of family origin.

Man: My country, it is very troubled right now. That's why I live here.

Me: (Nodding in agreement)

Man: Plus, the drugs are much better here.


TadMack said...

Oh, hello? And you stopped the conversation before the next *nods in agreement* happened??

The posters are WAY cool -- I like the Comedy of Errors the best because it reflects the Bard's constant use of ...essentially the same characters. I like that you could flip the little figures around. The clowns in dunce caps (Exit the King?) are still pretty cool, too. I'm always impressed with how you get gigs -- for all sorts of things!

a. fortis said...

The Comedy of Errors poster was fun--I went back and forth with the contact person at the school, and we figured out a way to emphasize that whole mistaken identity/twins thing. I ended up getting that gig via my other poster-designing gig--one of the actors in Exit the King teaches at the school where they're putting on the Shakespeare production. Alas, still not a high-paid thing, but oh well...

chloe said...

I love that it's more okay to ask someone their ethnicity if you're "ethnic" too. Clearly, you agree. :) I recently asked someone if he was Vietnamese. Though, I asked based on his name, not his appearance.

DaviMack said...

And ... we're assuming he was talking about illegal drugs? Because, really, the drugs are much better in the UK - you don't have to pay for the darned things because of National Health Service. :)