aqua fortis

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Back Just in Time... be totally behind on work and also have to prepare for Thanksgiving. Oh well. It was worth it. In between bouts of cleaning the house, I'm trying to upload our pictures to Flickr, and I've done about half as of this moment. For once, I took most of them.

View of the Grand Canal from the Accademia Bridge

Usually Rob likes to be the photographer, but this time he was the backpack beast of burden and map-reader. Well, we took turns reading the map, but he was definitely the official carrier of items. Rob's mom was in a car accident just five days before we left for the trip, and her wrists were still really sore (possibly mildly sprained), so we all helped out with carrying bags, etc.

More soon! Must get back to vacuuming, sweeping, tidying, and food prep. We're going to have duck, lamb, roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, green beans, and rolls. Fumi and Tricia are bringing appetizers, and my mom and stepdad are bringing pies. It's going to be a ridiculous amount of food, plus our house is still in crazy construction mode, but it should be fun...provided I can get everything ready in time.


TadMack said...

Sounds like fun... I miss that insanity, but hey -- we have Hogmanay. Which apparently has an insanity all its own.

Happy Thanksgiving...