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Friday, September 07, 2007

Flickr Fiction and Other Examples of My Brilliance

Yes, that was sarcasm. But there is new Flickr Fiction, and if you click here, you can go to my Ficktion page on Ning and read about the Chained Seven.

I had this realization today, which is that I spend an awful lot of time thinking self-deprecating thoughts--lots of boo-hooing about how I suck at this or that, or I said some lame thing and now somebody hates me, and so forth. And I'm just really no good at the whole Positive Thinking thing. If I even approach the idea of Positive Thinking, it either makes me nauseated or it makes me boo-hoo even more.

What I am good at, though--at least relatively so--is denial. So it occurred to me that what I really ought to be practicing, instead of Positive Thinking, is Constructive Denial. Every time I start thinking those nasty little negative thoughts, I need to just pretend they don't exist and then think about something else, preferably something useful, like work, or writing, or blogging (ha). It's good old-fashioned distraction, is what it is. But if I'm distracted long enough to do something productive, then I will probably feel good about it. And then the negative thoughts will flee for a while. I think this could work.

This is apropos of nothing, but I'm spending some time on Facebook lately. It's a total waste of time but it's actually sort of fun. I'm in no danger of joining MySpace at any point, and even LinkedIn seems a little pointless in retrospect, but Facebook has goofy fun stuff, and I've found some totally random people from my past on there. (That makes me sound like I have a mysterious past, which is misleading. I found some former classmates and co-workers, is all I mean.)


DaviMack said...

Yay! And I'm sure that you do have a mysterious past. ;)