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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Summer Blog Blast Tour Is Not Here!

Greetings! If you've come to my site looking for the Summer Blog Blast Tour of interviews with children's and YA authors, that was unfortunately due to an accidental misprint! This is my personal blog, but you can find interviews with Gene Yang, Ysabeau Wilce, Svetlana Chmakova, Kazu Kabuishi, Chris Crutcher, Julie Anne Peters, and Justina Chen Headley at Finding Wonderland: The WritingYA Weblog, which I contribute to along with TadMack.

For a full schedule of interviews on the blog tour, with locations and dates, please visit Chasing Ray. David Brin, Mitali Perkins, Holly Black, Jordan Sonnenblick...the list of authors is amazing, and the interviews promise to be fantastic. Colleen at Chasing Ray is the genius (and the workhorse) behind the project, and the other bloggers are really the cream of the crop as far as sites that focus on children's and young adult literature. For more info on the tour, click here.

And for those wondering what the hell I've been doing (and why I haven't been blogging about it) the past couple of weeks...well, see above. Plus, I promise an update soon. Swear to God.


DaviMack said...

If misdirecting people to your personal site is what it gets to have you put a post up here, maybe we should do it more often? Snh Snh.