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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tuesdays with Lorth

There's been a Jess sighting!Rob and JessYour eyes do not deceive you... there has indeed been a Jess sighting. Fresh from Mexico via airship to play drums for perhaps the very last time as a member of Jackscrew, "Lorth Samuellson" was briefly seen in San Francisco consuming pork chops.

Whaaa?There are other pictures of the three of our faces where my chin is not missing. However, I didn't post them because not only is my chin not missing, it looks like I have three of them. Seriously. Anyway, we met up with Jess yesterday, had lunch in the Haight at a place called (I swear) The Pork Store, which was much better and less meaty than it sounds, and helped him shop for various items which can't be obtained in the wilds of Mexico, like bluegrass accordion music.

Tomorrow we leave for Hawaii for six days, which will be awesome. There will be minimal working and maximal relaxing. I will take pictures and post them online (someday). Aloha!


TadMack said...

Yay Hawaii!
Have fun, eat lots of Macadamia chocolates... gotta work on that chin!

chloe said...

Aw, darnit. The first pictures I've seen of Jess in ages and I can only see little itty-bitty versions.

I've heard The Pork Store is great. I've only walked past them, but they are always packed. Hope you guys had fun!