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Friday, December 22, 2006

Holiday Procrastination...

...Or, I'm Still Not Done With All the Shit I Gotta Do. That's right, this really ought to be a Flickr Fiction post, as it's Friday, but I haven't managed to get to that yet. Trust me, it's on my list, but I have this problem...I make lists that are too long to humanly accomplish in a day. Then, of course, I feel crappy if I fail to complete them, as I inevitably do. It's a vicious cycle.

Here's what I have accomplished this week:

  • Exercise: Today Rob and I finally did our in-the-gym sprint triathlon. Yay! I am very tired. We started with a half-mile swim (16 laps); went on to do the 5K run on the treadmill; and then finished off with 10 miles on the exercise bike. It took me about 1 hr. 55 min. including transition time; about 1 hr. 48 min. not including the transitions (changing out of swimsuit, coping with sudden breakage of hair tie, etc.). Verdict: My legs hurt. And leaving chlorine on your body while you exercise for another hour and a half is kind of itchy. Also: Take that, gym people who said I had an obese body fat percentage!
  • Baking: This week I baked another pan of gingerbread, a batch of persimmon cookies, a batch of oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies, and a vegan orange cake (for a friend's vegan wife). Fortunately, I didn't give it all away. However, there's still baking to be done--two custard pies, which my mom will help with when she gets here tomorrow evening; another batch of gingerbread, if I have time; plus assorted other goodies for people I won't see until after Christmas.

Really, those are the main accomplishments I'm happy about this week. Sadly, I still have some presents to wrap, tidying of my office to do, Flickr Fiction to write, and Cybil graphic novel nominees to rank. Speaking of which, one of my book reviews was Review of the Day yesterday on the Cybils site. Woo! They picked a strange one, though, out of the reviews I've written for nominees so far. Plus now the whole world will know of my feelings for David Bowie.


a. fortis said...

To add to the David Bowie thing, one of the more thrilling concert moments of my life was going with Rob and two friends to see David Bowie at the Warfield in San Francisco, which holds about 1200-1500 people at most, I think. We were on the floor but standing at the first-tier railing, probably about fifteen feet away from Bowie himself. We were close enough that at one point he very noticeably made eye contact with all of us.

TadMack said...

Ooh, not only do we all know how you feel about Bowie, we may now conjecture that he KNOWS... Hee!

I laughed at the one of my reviews that they chose, too -- a very weird one, for a book I wasn't really all that sure about. But it was nice to be included. I suppose this means more readers for our book site, which can only be a good thing, and maybe some of the publishers will give us their Spring relases to review. Hope springs; after the Cybils and all of this work, I feel like I can do it.