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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'm Surrounded By Idiots

As if yesterday's brush with obesity weren't enough, today I had another encounter with someone who really shouldn't be dealing with the public. This happened when I called my doctor's office. Now, I really like our doctor, and his nurses are pretty good, but I cannot stand his office staff. They are, to put it mildly, not too bright. Moreover, one of them is what I would call mean in a patronizing sort of way.

So I called today and of course got the mean one, who also handles all the appointments. I was asking them if they had any suggestions for a referral to a psychologist who was covered by our insurance (yes, I'm planning to rejoin the world of therapy after a few years of hiatus). The office lady said yes, but that I really wanted to see a counselor or a psychiatrist, not a psychologist, because "all psychologists do is give tests."

I refrained from pointing out that that is not, in fact, true, and I know this because one of my undergraduate majors was psychology. I figured at least one of us should resist the urge to act like a know-it-all.


DaviMack said...

Freaky as it sounds, what keeps me happy (well, happier) and well balanced (well, sometimes) are two things: a full-spectrum light-bulb on a timer set to go off in my bedroom at like 4 am, and regular handfulls of vitamin B6 when the pupils start to get too large. The full-spectrum bulb tricks the animal hind-brain into thinking that it's summer year round (no, you don't need to hibernate), and the B6 will knock you out of a "chemical episode" most of the time.

It's sad, but one of my greatest fears is being medicated ... and I work at a State Mental Hospital (at least for another week or so). Go figure.