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Monday, September 19, 2005

Arr, This Be Revision, Mateys.

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Yes, there is a reason why I said that like a pirate.

Anyway, here is the long-promised photo of the drastic revisions I did on my story a couple of weeks ago.

On a totally separate and bummer note, have you ever noticed how, if you spend your day doing something utterly pointless--even if it's for money--everything else you do also seems utterly pointless? Maybe that's just me. Or it could be the brand-new novel rejection talking. At least this one was personalized (Insert best Arnold impersonation here--"Rejection: This time it's personal.").


Sanddef said...

Don't go down the "utterly pointless" road, not if you want to keep blogging! I find believing that Extra Terrestrials will one day irradicate the Human species helps.

a. fortis said...

Ha! I like that. Thanks.