aqua fortis

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Just Workin'

Aside from a rather strange and relaxing weekend-like interlude yesterday, it seems like every waking minute has been crammed for the past several days. If it's not one thing, it's another. Even my leisure activities seem like work. For example, this past weekend was a veritable sports-stravaganza. We went to an Earthquakes soccer game on Saturday evening (Earthquakes tie...), and then on Sunday midday we drove to Sacramento for a Kings game (Kings lose...).

Then Monday I can't remember what I did. I think I may have done about a month's worth of shopping at Costco and then I went to the library for a refill of YA books. Yeah, that's it. And four loads of laundry. And some dishes. Tuesday we visited Rob's sister and baby Miles for a while and brought them some food which I spent Tuesday a.m. making, and then went out for dinner with Rob's parents and watched a basketball game with them on TV. That was the strangely weekend-like part. Got home around tennish and then watched some more TV for a while before going to bed and then getting up at 6:50 am for a new temp job which started today. Back at the Office of Education. About five days in a row at first, doing data entry and making graphs, and then intermittent minute-taking on scattered days between now and June. It's the intermittent part I'm looking forward to.

As for tonight...interviewing the artist that collaborated with my friend Shin Yu on her new, forthcoming book of poems. I'm trying to totally revamp the article so I can re-submit it to Poets & Writers. I will get an article...or short story...or something--ANYTHING--published someday, dammit; I will!